My Top Skincare Products for Problematic Skin..

I started to suffer with acne and acne scarring about five years ago, right in the middle of my adolescent years –  it was a real confidence-knocker and a big issue for me.

I’ve had problematic skin ever since, but have learnt so much about skin health, the varying skin types and how to really take care of your skin. I also now have a skincare routine that I stick to religiously!

There are SO many products & brands out there, targeted towards oily, blemish prone skin and acne sufferers and I would say I’ve probably tried about 90% of them.

Seeing as about 8/10 people will suffer with blemishes or acne at some point, I thought it would be beneficial to share the products that I’ve tried and tested and now use regularly, that I have found ACTUALLY work!

Here they are:


Clearasil – All in 1 Wash and Mask 

I’ve been using this product for about a year and I do really like it. I use it as a face wash every morning, as well as a face mask usually once a week and I have noticed a difference! Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of this face wash is its ability to really soothe skin, and reduce redness. It also always leaves my face feeling really clean as well, which may sound silly, but is really important for me in a daily face wash! Although I don’t rate the rest of the Clearasil range, I’d recommend giving this product a go if you’re looking for something that’s inexpensive and effective!


Cetaphil – Gentle Skin Cleanser

I read about this cleanser online and I completely agree with the rave reviews! I use this product in a few different ways – I occassionally use it as my morning face wash, but I mostly use it after removing my make up with a cleansing oil at night time, and use this product after to disolve all remnants of make up, as well as cleanse my face with its skin-clearing abilities. This product has been particularly effective in reducing the amount of blemishes I develop, as well as treating any exisiting ones that I have, and I love it!


Forever – Propolis Cream and Face Scrub

FACE SCRUB: In case you’re unfamiliar with this brand, the unique aspect of Forever products, is that EVERYTHING is based on Aloe Vera, which is an incredibly effective ingredient and cure for a variety of things. I have lost count on the amount of facial exfoliators that I’ve used, but this is hands down the best one I’ve ever tried and I’ll never use anything else! The scrub contains micro beads, meaning it’s a small exfoliation and gentle enough to use on your skin every day. I use this product at night as part of my skincare routine, after cleansing, and this is undoubtedly the one product that’s made the biggest difference to me. The surface of my skin has been so smooth and my blemishes have really cleared up!

PROPOLIS CREAM: This is another magical product that I’ll probably use forever now haha (pardon the pun)! The Propolis cream is a very rich moisturiser that I use now as my night cream – I would not recommend it as a day cream, it really needs time to sink in and be effective and is much more suited to use at night. The unique thing about the Aloe Vera ingredient, is it has the ability to penetrate all layers of the skin, not just the epidermis (the top layer), like most products. Therefore, the Aloe Vera is able to target the root causes of blemishes and really, really effectively treat them. I would 100% recommend both products to anyone!


Liz Earle – Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Admittedly, I used to think toners were a bit of a waste of time and I didn’t overly bother with them. A friend of mine suggested that I try this toner, as she raved about it, and it is utterly brilliant. It’s grim to realise how much excess make-up/oil/dirt can be left on our skin if all we use is just one cleanser – this toner removed so much more and my skin felt so fresh! It is incredibly important to remove ALL excess grime, as it is the grime that clogs itself in our pores and will ultimately cause more blemishes & blackheads, so taking care of your skin properly will reduce the chance of future break outs!

Liz Earle

La Roche-Posay – Effaclar Duo +

I’ve been using this product for the least amount of time, and although I haven’t noticed overly obvious results myself, I thought I would include it, as there are LOADS of amazing reviews about it. This product is a soothing moisturiser that targets scarring in particular and works to reduce the appearance of scars. I’ve been left with quite bad acne scarring on some parts of my face and I’m using this product every morning as a day cream, to help reduce this! I’ll keep you updated on my results 🙂

La Roche Posay

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it has been helpful! Please let me know if you have used this products and what your opinions are, or if you have any recommendations for other products I should try!


DISCLAIMER – this is NOT a sponsored post. All products were purchased with my own money and all views and opinions expressed are my own 🙂

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