My Favourite Travel Blogs to Read..

I honestly think that one of the most valuable resources to utilise when you are travelling, are other people’s recommendations, tips + advice and listening to or reading about other people’s experiences


Thankfully, there are THOUSANDS of travel bloggers out there – travelling to different countries around the world, covering + creating their content in varying ways, but always remaining helpful and useful. 

I thought I would put together a list of my all time favourite travel bloggers – whose sites were so invaluable to helping me plan a backpacking trip, who all have a whole host of interesting content & whose blogs are genuinely just so damn interesting…


1. World of Wanderlust 

Brooke Saward is an Australian travel blogger & her blog covers an entire range of travel topics, such as food recommendations, accommodation and ‘How to Spend A Day In..’ posts. 


Read Brooke’s blog – here.

2. The Travelista 

‘The Travelista’ is such an easy read – focusing on a more luxurious side of travelling, although Jess’ likeability is one of the reasons I read ALL of her posts, regardless of what kind of travelling they cover. Her ‘3 Week Vietnam Travel Itinerary’ was also super useful to me! 

Jess’ blog!


3. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt, in my opinion, is the most helpful + informative travel blog to follow and his city/country guides, money saving tips and ‘Top Things To Do’ are extremely in-depth and incredibly useful. It seems like he has travelled absolutely everywhere and has tips/advice/recommendations for any place! 


Read Matt’s blog – here!

4. Backpacking Bananas 

Christianne is actually a Travel YouTuber, but has some amazing content, extremely useful guides, money saving tips and advice regarding visas & working holidays.. She has also travelled all over and definitely worth checking out if you’re heading to Australia, parts of Asia & Central America!

Check out Christianne’s YouTube!


5. Where’s Mollie?

Mollie Bylett was one of the first travel blogs I started reading and has remained one of my favourites ever since. She covers locations worldwide, including much of the UK, and varies content between YouTube, ‘A Guide To..’ blog posts, and her City Bucket Lists. Definitely, definitely worth reading! 


Mollie’s blog!

Hope that you’ve found this post helpful + possibly discovered a new travel blogger with useful content for you! 


Thank you for reading!

Charlotte J. X 


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