A Guide to a City Break in Singapore..

In case anyone who reads my blog is considering a trip to Singapore, I thought I would put together a small guide of what to expect and general tips on what to eat, where to go etc.. because you absolutely should go! 

Singapore is an expensive place, and especially if you’re a backpacker, I’d recommend putting a little bit of planning into your itinerary, to make sure you don’t break the bank, but also have the best time! 

I really hope that this post is even slightly helpful! 

When to Visit..

We visited Singapore at the beginning of December, which was really hot, with temperatures around 30 degrees. There isn’t necessarily a month to avoid travelling to Singapore – temperatures are consistently hot (around 27-33 degrees) with April peaking as the hottest month of the year. 

There are not four distinctive seasons in Singapore, only two – wet and dry. Generally, the dry season lasts March to August and wet season runs from September to February! 

Where to Stay..

I would highly recommend the hostel that we stayed in, which was The Bohemian Chic hostel, located in Chinatown. We paid around £17 a night for a four bed mixed dorm!

It was really clean, very comfortable, good free wifi, in a great location surrounded by restaurants and a huge shopping mall, offers free breakfast of toast and cereals, and had really friendly and helpful staff! I would 100% go back again!

Otherwise, Lloyd’s Inn is supposed to be one of the best budget hotels in Singapore, at around £80-100 per night for a standard double room, with a very central location. 

And if you fancy a piece of the luxury that Singapore has to offer.. the most famous hotel is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (£250-£500 a night) which features its own gardens, shopping centre, roof top bar with views of the entire city, infinity pools and being in one of the most gorgeous buildings ever.. Following that would be Raffles Hotel and home of the Singapore Sling (around £500-700 per night) and Park Royal, a gorgeous green hotel in the CBD (£300 per night). 

What to Do.. 

You’re fairly spoiled for choice in terms of things to do in Singapore.. Some of the must-dos are: 

  • Visit the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Walk around the gardens, through the lobby, stay there or have a cocktail on its rooftop bar or dinner in the restaurant! 
    The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

    The Gardens


  • Try traditional food in China Town Food Market! So much to try, and at some of the cheapest prices! 
  • Have a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel, where they were invented! 

    My Singapore Sling at Raffles!
  • Walk through the Botanical Gardens.. 
  • Visit the Mariamman Temple – the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.
  • Go on a shopping spree! There  are so many HUGE shopping malls – high end stores, eateries, clothing stores, international make up brands, the lot! 

    China Point Shopping Centre
  • Drinks in a rooftop bar. I really, really loved Hi So Bar at the top of the Sofitel Hotel. 

    The Sofitel Hotel
  • Take a trip to Little India for more fantastic food! 
  • Go on the Singapore Flyer – Singapore’s equivalent to the London Eye! 
  • Visit the National Gallery – gutted we didn’t have time to visit, as it’s supposed to be beautiful! 
  • ..And the Art Science Museum – the building alone is amazing. 
  • Spend a day at Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa Island! 

What to Eat..

Thanks to our lovely roommate in Phuket, Jade, we had a long list of recommendations for food to try, and although we didn’t get to try all of it, what we did taste was AMAZING: 

  •  Char Kway Teow – stir fried rice cake strips with chicken

    Char Kway Teow
  • Hokkien Mee – egg and rice noodles in prawn stock with chicken or pork 
  • Nasi Lemak – rice in coconut milk 
  • Wanton Mee (dry) – noodles
  • Chilli Crab
  • Curry Chicken with chicken rice or white bread

    Curry Chicken with Chicken Rice
  • Durian Fruit – aka vomit fruit. Eating this in certain places in Thailand was banned, but it was very readily available in Singapore. You can smell it from a mile away.. 
  • Toast with Kaya Spread 

    Toast with Kaya Spread – my favourite!
  • Laksa – spicy noodle soup 
  • Carrot cake – not the carrot cake we imagine. It is more along the lines of a hash brown omelette.. Pretty tasty too! 

    Carrot Cake
  • Oyster omelette 
  • Fish head soup 
  • Yong Tau Foo – tofu filled with meat, fish or sometimes vegetable paste. 


I hope that this was potentially helpful to anyone reading and thinking of going to Singapore. If you’ve been and have any more recommendations, I would absolutely love to know! I am seriously considering moving to Singapore, so I would LOVE to hear them.. 🙂 

Likewise, if any of this post has been helpful to you and you’re planning on going to Singapore – please let me know! 

Thank you for reading! 

Charlotte J. X

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