5 thoughts on “8 Essentials to Pack in Your Backpack | Travel Tips

  1. This was amazingly helpful (I’ve pinned it just for general packing tips since I’m still too young to travel myself😭😂🙄) and you seem like you’re having a great time. I have a question, have you seen any spiders in Australia yet? I’d love to go but the spider thing literally cripples me with fear – a friend of mine sent me a picture of one on their bathroom wall the other day and I nearly died! Australia sounds amazing and I would love to go. Also the Fjallraven kanken backpack looks amazing and I really want to get myself one!❤️

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    1. Yaaaay! So glad it was really helpful babe!
      Good question – I haven’t actually seen any spiders yet! I think it’s more so if you go out to the outback that you’ll see them, but I’ve done that too and still not seen any. If you stay within the cities, you should be absolutely fine ☺️☺️😘 The Kanken backpack is the best thing I’ve ever bought – definitely recommend. Thank you so much again for reading!! Xxxx

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  2. This blog is literally so helpful! Thank you! I will be travelling in september time and do not have the first idea about where to start with packing.. so this has given me something to think about and has made me even more excited! Is there any chance of you doing a complete backpack haul? including clothes, the whole lot? 🙂 xx

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    1. Hey lovely! I’m so sorry, I’ve only just seen this comment, but I am so so happy to hear that you’ve found it helpful 🤗🤗 oh my god, how exciting!! Where are you headed?! Ooooh yes, I will definitely have a think about that for sure! Thank you so much for reading!! Xxxx


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