My Best New Years Ever | Sydney, Australia

I’ve never experienced anything like celebrating New Year in Sydney, in the harbour, watching the iconic fireworks. 2017 could not have started in a better way! 

After having to stay in Perth 4 days more than expected, I managed to catch a last minute flight on 30th December to Brisbane, have a 2 hour layover, and onto a night flight that got me into Sydney at 8am on 31st December. Just in time!

I jumped straight on the train and into the city centre ($16 each way) to Central station. I was staying at Wake Up! – one of the biggest and arguably the best hostel in Sydney and I was SO happy to be staying there. 

If you ever plan on coming to Sydney for New Year, book about 8 months in advance – the city becomes crazily busy and extortionately expensive. I booked ahead last April and got a four bed female dorm for $33 per night, which evidently was an absolute steal. I heard people were being charged up to $90 for a dorm room nearer the time. 

I arrived and checked in, ran to the showers to change and try to wake myself up after a night of no sleep and get myself ready for the big night. I met up with my gorgeous friend, Naomi, who I’d met in Vietnam a few months earlier and we agreed to celebrate together. 


Naomi, if you’re reading this, thank you for being an absolute saviour and for making my night so special. My first night experiencing Sydney is one I will never, ever forget and I experienced it all with you. And to all the other girlies who I met that night, you are amazing and I am so thankful I met you! X 

Having no bearings whatever, Naomi and the lovely Rebecca wisked us off in an uber, across the infamous harbour bridge to Blues Point, where we had THE most incredible, undisturbed view of the bridge and opera house. 

Blues Point was bloody rammed and there were people everywhere. If you go to any of the lookout points, it is best to get there as early as you possibly can to secure the best views – some people actually camp the night before in preparation…. 


Thankfully we were meeting Naomi’s girls, who’d been there since 6am and set up a spot for us. We arrived around 2pm and began the 10 hour wait we had.. 


And it was totally, totally worth it.. Blues Point, in my opinion, was the best possible place we could’ve been. A great atmosphere of day drinkers, speakers blaring, food stalls and the best views ever. 

The 9pm pre-show came and we got a taste of the big firework show to come. A few more hours waiting, cameras at the ready and the chant of the countdown was the cue for the fireworks and I can’t even describe the feeling. 


I think we all got a little bit emotional that we were actually there, watching this iconic event and being some of the first to celebrate the start of 2017. I’ve never felt happier in my life and again, that night is one I will remember when I’m old and grey. 


Sydney, my god, you host a good New Years. 

New York, Edinburgh & Las Vegas, you are next on my list! 

Thank you for reading! 

Charlotte J. X 

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