10 Tips for Saving Money to Travel.. | Travel Tips

“Travel is the only thing you can buy, that makes you richer..” 

For years, I always thought that travelling the world was only really possible if you had won the lottery, were very wealthy or had access to some sort of secret money tree (or the bank account of Mum & Dad..)

None of these apply to me, and when I started to realise how much I dreamt about exploring, I also realised I needed to start saving every penny – and I have started to become pretty good at it. 

I am a big believer in ‘if you want to make something happen, you will make it happen’ and when it comes to saving, there are definitely a few tips that I have learnt, that will undoubtedly help you grow your travelling fund.. 

1. Separate Your Money

I am convinced that this is the best way to keep track of your money and what you are spending, to ultimately ensure your savings go up. When organising my money, I keep it all very simple and distribute it into a few different accounts dependant on what it pays for..

Most of us have our essential expenses, such as phone bills, credit cards and rent, petrol and car insurance and all of the other ‘adult’ necessities that need to be paid.  So I find it helpful to have an account that is totally dedicated to and covers all your vital outgoings.

Similarly, to make sure you stay sane and are not completely depriving yourself, I think it’s a good idea to put a smaller amount of money aside in another account that you can actually use to spend on yourself. So this is the money I use for my make-up products, drinks with friends, new clothes etc..

And most importantly – keep your savings separate – and don’t touch them!  Just watch your bank balance grow! 🙂 

2. Eat At Home 

I think this is another very simple and easy way to cut back on spending and ultimately save more. I used to be in such a habit of eating out, buying lunch every day and I once worked out I was spending £60 a month on coffee.. 

Deciding to swap meal deals for homemade packed lunches and bringing coffee to work in flasks will really help in your travel fund; it’s a small change and sacrifice to make, but the £60 I started saving a month made a big difference overall!

3. Re-Think Your Beauty Routine

In the same way that I realised buying food and drinks all the time was draining my bank account, my beauty routine was arguably even more damaging to my savings. 

Spray tans, eyebrow waxes and tints, acrylic nails, expensive foundation and blowdrys all really add up and although it was a (very) tough decision to change my routine, it was quite a simple way to save more dollar!

And that £20 I saved on spray tans was two days of food in Vietnam, the £15 I didn’t spend on having my eyebrows done paid for a night’s accommodation in Bangkok and the £30 I had instead of buying Estée Lauder foundation went towards cocktails in Potato Head in Bali. 🙂 

4. Sell Your Stuff

Selling your stuff is definitely one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn a little extra money, and the chance to have a de-clutter at the same time! 

You don’t necessarily need to be a whizz at eBay (I’m definitely not) in order to sell your stuff.. I found that doing a car-boot sale with my Mum was SO worthwhile and actually, really quite fun. We did have a lot to sell – old books, DVDs, some of my Mum’s old records, clothes, shoes, bags etc.. and we managed to make over £300! 

Facebook groups for buying/selling in your local area are another very efficient way to save old things – I sold some old jewellery and simply dropped it to the buyer’s house and made another £125! It is definitely worth having a rummage for things that could possibly be sold, as one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure! 

5. Hunt for Discounts 

There are now so many online vouchers/codes/offers lurking about that it is pretty easy to find discounts and save money with whatever you’re buying! 

Apps like VoucherCodes have been just incredible in helping me save, and I have now also become one of those people who sign up to emailing lists just to get the sign-up offers sent through to me.

I will do a big The Body Shop haul when I’ve got a 40% off code, I always wait for boohoo’s £1 next day delivery emails and I love taking advantage of the O2 priority moment offers too! Easy + simple 🙂 

6. Make Sensible Swaps

This can be slightly trickier to do, but still extremely beneficial to helping you save the pennies! It is definitely more of a sacrifice than other ways of saving money, but there are so many swaps you can make that will help.

I started swapping my nights out in pubs & clubs for having girls’ nights in with a bottle of wine, a good film and chocolate. For meals out, it can be cost effective to go out Sunday-Thursday, rather than at the weekend, as vouchers and offers will  be more prevalent and prices tend to be at their lowest. Even better, save even more by inviting friends over for home cooked-pizza and garlic bread instead and eat-in and take food to work with you, to avoid buying lunch!

Don’t be fooled by brands either – do some research and see if a particular product you use has a ‘dupe’. There are SO many blog posts and articles out there that can tell you cheaper alternatives for a product you may use, especially skincare and make-up. 

7. Don’t Touch Your Savings 

This may sound really obvious, but just ‘dipping in a little bit’ each month will eventually really catch up with you and before you know it, you could’ve lost serious cash in your travel fund. 

Being extremely disciplined with yourself or keeping your money in an account where you physically cannot touch it, will probably be the best ways to make sure your money goes into your savings and doesn’t come out! 

8. Ask Yourself – Do You Need It?

Again, another very simple tip, but another very effective way to cut down on unnecessary spends. If you can live without something for a month, chances are you don’t really need it and you may possibly forget you were planning on even buying it in the first place.

If I’m online or in the shops, I will quit often think, do you actually need this, and if I think I can live without it, I know that I’m usually buying for the sake of it 😦 

This also applies for things like gym memberships, Netflix, Spotify, magazine subscriptions etc.. all those little payments that add up to quite a big chunk each month. If you never go to the gym, cancel that membership or just work out at home. If you rarely use your Netflix account, get rid of it or ask a friend if you can share their details and split the bill! If you think you can go without it, then save the dollar and just get rid! 

9. Avoid Temptation

I’ll admit that I am the biggest sucker for being tricked into buying something if I get a ‘quick 20% off for the next hour’ or ‘3 for 2 across everything’ email and all of a sudden I’m trying to justify that I definitely need the 5 tops I’ve found and another pair of shoes.  

Be kind to yourself and just avoid the temptation with not looking at the fashion websites and ‘popping into Topshop/Boots quickly’ and that way you can’t miss what you never had. 

10. Stay Focused + Motivated

If you start to struggle, feel down for never being able to spend on new things and start lacking motivation for saving your money, the best thing to do is start looking for inspiration. 

It is undoubtedly tough – especially when you’ve been saving for a long time & you need to save  a lot. But if it’s travel that you’re saving for – watch YouTube videos of where you’re going, read blog posts about everything there is to do in that country or get onto Pinterest and look at all the incredible photos that get posted on there. 

You’ll quickly remember what your money will actually be getting you, and photos of the Great Barrier Reef, or the Full Moon Party in Thailand and the other amazing places you may be travelling to, will be the best inspiration you need to stay focused & motivated and keep saving towards what you want. 

 I hope that you may have found these tips helpful + are maybe able to use a few to help you save for your travels!

If you do have any tips that I haven’t covered, then please comment below, as I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking for ways to keep saving! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Charlotte J. X 

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