Turning 22 On The Other Side of the World | Sydney, Australia

My 21st Birthday was the best birthday I’ve ever had, and my 22nd managed to rival it, concreting my love for Sydney in the process. 

Quite like Christmas, I was slightly nervous to be celebrating so far away from home, without my family and friends, without the traditional meal in my absolute fave Pizza Express (bloody hell I miss Pizza Express) and with an 11 hour time difference. 

Literally had nothing to worry about – I will remember my 22nd birthday when I’m old and grey, as one of the best experiences ever, surrounded by incredible friends I’d met out here and treasure dearly. 

*Special shoutout to my girls back home too who FaceTimed me in my time zone and the morning of my birthday in Sydney time – I love you*

My day couldn’t have started in a better way – after 2 weeks without her (felt like an eternity) my baby gal, Shamara, arrived in Sydney at 6am that morning and it felt like the best birthday present ever. Sham, you know how much I love ya, thank you for coming all the way to Sydney, just to celebrate with me –  you’re the greatest. 

I am so thankful to have met the friends I did – Sham, Tash, Luke, Jade, Ash & Ashleigh, thank you for making my birthday so special. We packed the picnic essentials – Tim Tams, Camembert, French bread, cake, biscuits, crisps and headed to the best place to picnic in Sydney – Mrs Macquarie’s Point, with an undisturbed view of the Opera House, the bridge and the harbour. 

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I’ve lost track now of how many times I’ve seen the bridge and the Opera House, and even now, every time I see it, it’s surreal. Seeing two of the most famous landmarks in the world and now living so close to them, it’s crazy, and that feeling hasn’t worn off. 


My gorgeous gang showered me with presents – Pandora, rosé, jewellery and chocolate and it was just the best thing ever. I’m a pretty emotional person, and I was borderline tears for how *cringe word* blessed I felt.. (rosé obviously drank and chocolate obviously eaten pretty quickly!) 

From there, I stumbled home in the 35 degree heat (another first for someone with a birthday in January), pretty tipsy, and jumped in the shower to get ready for the evening.. a show at the Opera House! 

The actual bloody Opera House. We managed to get tickets the week before to Club Swizzle – a cabaret show of circus-esque performers, acrobats, gymnasts and it was f*cking amazing. Literally one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Thank you Sham, Luke & Tash for coming with me.. Wine and cocktails flowing, I think we all adored it. If you ever get the chance, you HAVE to go.

IMG_0677IMG_0685IMG_0688IMG_0692Processed with VSCO with 7 preset

Processed with VSCO with 10 presetIMG_0686

I drank too much, ate too much, spent WAY too much money, and just absolutely loved every second. Being drunk, in an amazing city, seeing fab sights, with incredible friends and deliriously happy is how I want to spend every birthday.. 


Sydney, you’re class. I will literally remember that day for the rest of my life. You are bright, energetic, safe, laid back, warm and bloody beautiful. I am stoked to call you my new home and thankful for all the celebrating I’ve done here. 

I haven’t decided where to celebrate my 23rd birthday yet, but it’s got a lot of living up to do.. 

Thank you for reading! 

Charlotte J. X 

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