My 25 Best Memories of Sydney | Sydney, Australia

If I wrote blogposts about every single one of my favourite memories from Sydney, I would be writing them forever! The months I’ve spent in this city have been my favourite of my entire life so far and I have made the most incredible memories! 

I will always remember the things I’ve done here, the people I’ve met and the places I have seen. If you are reading this and have been part of my Sydney journey, I love you. 

Here are My 25 Best Memories of Sydney: 

1. Visiting the Opera House & Seeing a Show 

I vividly remember the first time I saw the Opera House and how unbelievable it looked. Staring up at one of the world’s most famous landmarks, in the gorgeous sunshine, is something I shall never forget..


Celebrating my 22nd birthday by watching ‘Club Swizzle’ and drinking way too many cocktails, has also got to be one of my favourite nights ever! 

Feeling 22!

2. The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

The scenery on this walk is just breathtaking.. I’ve walked it many times, but still have the same adoration for the tranquility and the views you find, just 20 minutes from the city centre. The infamous Bondi beach is pretty awesome too..

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3. T20 Cricket at the SCG. 

I have never been a fan of cricket; I don’t understand it, I always found it dull and it just never interested me! I didn’t think I would change my mind.. 

Then we got tickets for Sydney V Melbourne at the SCG, bought stereotypical Aussie shirts and had THE most epic day. The stadium went ballistic, Sydney won and my opinion on cricket changed forever! Easily one of the best days out I’ve had! 


4. Exploring The Rocks & Drinks at the Glenmore Hotel

The Rocks is the oldest part of Sydney and absolutely full of criminal history – its fascinating. It’s a beautiful part of town, with rustic old buildings and pubs, narrow alleys, cobbled streets, beautiful views, weekend markets and a very chilled vibe. 



Drinks at the Glenmore Hotel on their rooftop are also divine – undisturbed views of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the city skyline. One of my favourite Friday nights was spent here with my girl Libby and a very large bottle of Australian white wine.. 

5. The Museums 

Following on from the history of The Rocks, Sydney has some epic museums if history, and particularly criminal history, is your thing. As a convict settlement, there are museums detailing the gangs of Sydney, the prisons, family life and the breadth of crime. 


My favourite museums, and ones I would highly recommend are: Hyde Park Barracks Museum, Susannah Place Museum & the Justice and Police Museum. 

6. The Royal National Park 

The Royal National Park is about an hour and a half south of the city by car. We are super lucky that our friend, Ben, has an 8 seater and so we hopped in and headed out to find the most epic views and beaches. 

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You could probably spend a good 4 days camping and exploring through the park, but we only had one sunny Sunday. Wattamolla & Garie Beach are absolutely breathtaking and I could’ve spent far longer than just a few hours there. The Australian scenery is the best I’ve ever seen and a massive part of why I love this country so damn much. 

7. Blue Mountains

Similarly, the Blue Mountains of Katoomba, 2 hours West of Sydney, are equally as gorgeous, but slightly more touristy. They  are a valley of mountains, waterfalls, greenery and natural beauty and an absolute must see. I would love, love, love to return and camp for a few days to see even more! 


8. Watson’s Bay

Watson’s Bay seems a million miles away from the city, but gives you the most picturesque view of the skyline and the bridge from a distant. We had an incredible day chilling in the sun, eating fish and chips and paddling in the water, with an amazingly beautiful view of the millionaire’s boats and the city from afar. 


9. Milk Beach 

Offering a similar view to Watson’s Bay, Milk Beach is another hidden gem outside of the city. It’s a very small beach, but it is calm and relaxing, surrounded by wildlife and you can cliff jump! 


10. Iceberg Pool at Bondi Beach 

This is the pool that you’ll have seen on Pinterest and the one that is absolute goals. It’s a salt water pool that looks over the ocean and back onto Bondi beach and really is perfect. Sham and I chilled here for hours, took some pretty awesome photos and were both in solid agreement as to how cool the pool is. 

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That day we experienced the Sydney that everyone dreams of, in actual reality! 

 11. Harbour Bridge Pylons 

If you’re just looking for insane views and don’t want the mammoth price tag of climbing the bridge, the Pylons are the perfect alternative. It’s $15 to walk to the top and you’re able to see the whole harbour, Bondi in the distance and the rest of the landscape. 

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It’s beautiful, and something else I experienced with my best gal Shamara. 

12. Climbing Harbour Bridge 

This was my Christmas present I bought myself with money I got from family and friends back home. It is an unbelievable experience and something I will never forget. Pretty cool too when I see the bridge and know I’ve stood on the very top! If you can do it, I would absolutely recommend. 

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13. Picnic at Mrs Macquarie’s

Mrs Macquarie’s is a view point of the Opera House and the Bridge, that sits just outside the Botanical Gardens. I spent my birthday picnicking in the sun here with amazing friends, feeling very lucky. 

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I would head here first, and then walk around to the Opera House, to fall in love with Sydney’s skyline and then witness it up close. 

14. Drinks at ‘O’ Bar 

Rooftop bars are one of my favourite things in the world. Although it isn’t an open rooftop, ‘O’ Bar gives you a panoramic, 360 degree view of the whole city and the bar itself revolves slowly, so you can see the whole city from your seats. The cocktails are incredible and it’s a beautiful bar! 


15. The Spit to Manly Walk 

This is another coastal walk, but unlike Bondi to Coogee, you are elavated so can see the beaches and ocean from a height. It’s a harder walk, and longer, but totally worth it. 


Just don’t do what we did… We cut across the bay to dodge a corner, got stuck in quick sand, scrambled to the rocks and my foot got sliced on oysters, like a cheese grater. Believe me, that is something you don’t want to experince. 


A million paper-cut like gashes on my foot, a 4 hour hospital wait and a tetanus jab later, that day did not end like we’d planned. But an experience non the less! 

16. Darling Harbour 

It’s the lesser known harbour, but still incredibly beautiful and undoubtedly more fun. I have had more drunken nights here than I’ve had hot dinners and I don’t even want to know how many dollars I’ve spent at Home Bar. 


Home Bar & Tokyo Hotel are my favourites for an ‘out-out’ night, Pancakes on the Rocks for a cheat day meal (they’re 24hour!?), Helm Bar for day drinks and nice pizza, Strike on a Sunday for free bowling when you buy one drink and Baia The Italian for gorgeous food on the waterfront! 


17. The Royal Botanical Gardens 

The Gardens are the perfect combination of skyscraper views, beautiful ponds, wildlife and greenery. It’s peaceful, pretty and right next to the harbour. 


18. Seeing Adele at the ANZ Stadium 

This was not only a highlight of Sydney, but a highlight of my entire life and something I never thought I’d be able to do. 

I am obsessed with Adele, literally, and when we heard she’d added another date and it hadn’t sold out yet.. well, no brainer.


The ANZ was the biggest crowd she’d ever played in a stadium (94,000), Russell Crowe was somewhere in the audience and she was obviously as bloody amazing as expected. Her final song, ‘Someone Like You’, made everyone cry and as she left the venue, she walked 5m away from us. 

An absolutely incredible night and a massive tick off my bucket list. 

 19. The Open Air Cinema 

I’d never been to one before, but always wanted to – and my first one was pretty insane. 


The enormous screen is situated with the skyscrapers on the left and the Opera House and the Bridge on your right. It was a warm evening, with ice cream cookies, fab friends, a pretty moving film and all in an incredible setting. It was a pinch me moment, no doubt. 

20. The Westfield Tower 

It’s the tallest building in the city and is yet another way to view the whole of Sydney from a height. In good weather, it is unbeatable. Holly and I lapped up the gorgeousness and fell in love with Sydney that little bit more. 


21. Chinese Garden of Friendship 

Hidden within Darling Harbour, these Gardens symbiolise a partnership between Sydney and a Chinese province. They’re idyllic, very symbolic and beautifully designed. From the tour we did, we learned that absolutely everything has a meaning and purpose. It was a fabulous day catching up with Laura, my brother’s sister (go figure), on the other side of the world to home for both of us. 


22. The Boat Party

My first ever boat party, and a very epic one at that. I think I spent a whole 24 hours drunk, but with fabulous friends and an incredible setting. 


That day and the night were unforgettable.. If you know, you know! 

23. Australia Day

Australia Day in general is a controversial one, and absolutely understandably. It is history that is definitely worth reading about and a subject that is just not widely taught enough. 

On a light note, Australia Day is seen to most as a random bank holiday where everyone spends the day drinking. We did exactly that, then headed to Darling Harbour to watch the fireworks on the bridge. 


24.  Easter 

After Christmas and my birthday, it was the 3rd family event I would be spending away from home, but an absolute favourite. A bank holiday weekend to remember, with my favourite people, copious amounts of chocolate and alcohol and memories I’ll never forget. 


Easter Sunday’s drunk thoughts actually led me to get a tattoo on Easter Monday with my girls. A little way to remember Sydney forever! 

25. My Sydney Family 

This is where I will definitely start crying as I write this.. 

The people I have met in Sydney, the friendships I’ve formed and memories we’ve made together have been nothing short of incredible and everything I hoped travelling would be. 

When you are this far from home and when you’re in a city that you’re still getting to grips with, it is the people around you that will make or break your experience. 

I could never have wished for better people to have met and experienced all of this with. There have been low points, there have been hard times, tears, struggles, arguments, fall outs, but we have done this all together and had the most epic time doing it. 

If you are reading this and are part of my Sydney family – thank you. Too many names to mention, but you are all the greatest.

To my girls – Sian, Laura & Libby, you are my angels, my sisters, and I am blessed to have met you. We’ve had a lifetime of friendship in the 4 months I have known you, and I am crazily excited to travel the world with you for as long as we possibly can. Love you with all my heart. 

To my German boys – Felix & Thies, you are an absolute nightmare, you drove Libby and I insane and we love you so damn much. I miss you every day and I can’t wait to see you in Hamburg. 

To Sydney – thank you for the memories and for making so many dreams come true. I love ya – cheers to being the greatest city in the world. 


Thank you for reading! 

Charlotte J. X 

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  1. This really brings back fantastic memories for us. We have done most of the things you have done but over 15 visits, now you can understand why we said you would love Australia. Carry on having a fantastic time and make the most of it as you are. Good luck with your next part of your journey. Love L & T xxxx

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