50 Things You Learn When You Backpack Australia..

Australia, I would say, could be described as one of the best countries on earth – nice weather, beautiful scenery and a whole host of backpackers trying to make their way in this gigantic country.

Living, travelling, working in this country is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I love reading blogs about things people realise when they backpack through Australia, and so decided to write my own and keep track of the weird little things that I’m sure many can relate to. 

1. The 24 hour flight makes you realise JUST how far away it is..

2. And the fact that a 6 hour drive is considered a ‘small journey’ makes you realise how big it is. 

3. The internal flights are horrendously expensive, so you save a few dollars by opting for 10+ hour coaches. 

4. Western Australia is underrated and you should really visit, as well as ‘doing the East Coast’. 

5. South Australia is weird with its half hour time difference. 

6. Northern Territory and Queensland are mad temperatures..

7. And you will definitely experience 40 degree heat.

8. Air con is your new best friend.

9. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s hot all year round.. Melbourne & Sydney will become damn cold in Autumn and Winter. Cold = 20 degrees or lower.

10. But it is still possible to sweat in the rain..

11. You will be either Team Sydney or Team Melbourne. And you have wasted a lifetime in both cities waiting to cross the road. (Team Sydney forever!) 

12. And many people will have stayed at Wake Up!, Base or United Backpackers when first arriving.

13. Bondi becomes one of your least favourite beaches in Sydney.

14. But the Opera House & Harbour Bridge are always pretty cool..

14. Separate transport cards for each city is a bit of a pain!

15. But you are a literal angel if you give yours away with money on it when you leave the city.

16. Melbourne definitely wins in that regard – free trams.

17. Most backpackers you meet will either be British or German. 

18. And you are definitely more likely to meet a European than an actual Aussie, especially in Sydney. 

19. But when you do meet Aussies, there is an abbreviation for everything.. ‘Arvo’, ‘avo’ and ‘smoke-o’. Smashed avo will be on the majority of restaurant menus. 

20. And nobody ever says ‘g’day mate’.

21. You realise you’ve been in Australia too long though when you start saying ‘how you going’ or ‘too easy’. You will also have to start translating yourself – from now on its capsicums and zucchinis. 

22. Hostel life is a unique experience that is literally like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 

23. Receiving $1 coins as your change is a life saver, so you can pay for your washing. 

24. Having to wait 20 minutes for the best pan in the kitchen so you can cook your pasta and tomato sauce for the 5th night in a row. And good luck finding a fork!

25. You will adapt to surviving off a diet of instant noodles, pasta and any other basic food stuff that is on offer. Tuna is another – why are there so many flavours?!

26. 5L boxes of ‘wine’ in a foil bag will be how you can afford to drink in Australia. 

27. And a ‘goonover’ is truly one of the worst hangovers ever. Made easier by $5 Dominos on Sundays. 

28. The fridge will look like a wall of blue Coles cool bags and you can’t even explain the pain of someone stealing your chocolate from it. (People who receive ‘care packages’ from home are the envy of everyone!) 

29. On that subject – Australian chocolate is awful and you will become extremely grateful for the bliss you were raised on. Give me the minstrels! 

30. However Tim Tams are total heaven. Enough said. And everyone knows someone with an addiction to solo. Snakes are also the best, but they aren’t sweets, it’s ‘lollies’… 

31. Hence why many backpackers will agree that Australia genuinely makes you fat.

32. You’ve definitely come across an expert self checkout thief, and your tips are gratefully exchanged. 

33. It is an intimate moment sleeping in a bunk bed with a stranger above or below you.

34. And you’ll never forget the first time you hear someone having sex in the bed next to you.

35. Living out a backpack is actually very hard work. Packing squares are essentials. 

36. Wearing flip flops in the shower and waiting for the toilets will make you appreciate home like you’ve never known. 

37. Flip flops, or thongs as you have to call them, are just a staple part of your wardrobe. 

38. You will always enjoy the same conversation of where you have been and how long you’ve been in Australia in every new hostel. 

39. And nothing is more unbelievable than the farm work stories.. Everyone knows someone who’s been in Bundaberg or Mildura. 

40. Spiders become far less scary, but the cockroaches make your skin crawl every time. 

41. The flies in Western Australia are next level. They will land on your mouth and eyelids and nothing is more disgusting. 

42. Everyone has a selfie with a kangaroo, even though it’s common place for them to be eaten. Kangaroo pizza? 

43. You know the exact meaning of the word bogan and might have seen the embodiment.

44. And the worst word in the English language is used as a term of endearment… 

45. You’ve definitely had a moment of thinking about how weird Australia can be. It is weird. 

46. Might have even had many moments contemplating whether backpacking is even your thing.. and that backpack definitely gets heavier every time you put it on. 

47. And everyone has met the traveller that’s seen and done it all and boasts at every opportunity. Worst kind of backpacker.

48. But backpacking in general is definitely the best decision ever and you will experience unbelievable things. 

49. You definitely become best friends with people you never thought you’d even meet. And you realise that solid friendships at home don’t need constant communication. 

50. Things and possessions just aren’t important anymore and you will create the most incredible memories, meet beautiful people and have the most fun with a backpack on your back and barely any money to your name. 

Thank you for reading! 


Charlotte J. X 

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