Surprise..| Sydney, Australia to London Heathrow

It is so exciting that I am finally able to share the secret that I’ve been keeping for months..

And I guess I have some explaining to do! 

Sydney to Brisbane

On Friday 26th May, I finished my last day at my fabulous job, cried a little bit, drank a lot and had to say goodbye to some of the best people I’ve ever met and worked with. I said goodbye to my first city job and began my final weekend in Sydney. 

Goodbyes suck, and leaving Sydney was emotional. It has been my home for a while now, and become my favourite place on earth (overtaking New York City and Singapore..) and I really hope to return. You feel like home, Sydney. 

Libby and I boarded our 6am flight on the Monday morning to Brisbane, then jumped on a 6 hour train to Bundaberg, regional Australia and my first visit to Queensland. 


We then spent an incredible week with our girls, Sian and Laura, who’d been doing their farm work there to obtain their 2nd year visa, before travelling back down to Brisbane all together for a weekend of celebrating. 

Celebrating the fabulous friendship we’ve formed and our tight bond, as well as exploring another state capital together and finally enjoying some long lusted after sunshine. We had the best time ever and I miss the girls so much already. My sisters ♥♥


We checked into Nomads, Base & headed off to the shops – serious damage down and $1000 spent between us.. Oops. 

After a relaxing Friday night, we had an early brunch on Saturday morning before exploring south bank, climbing the Brisbane sign, enjoying the views from the lagoon and spending even more money in the picturesque markets. 

Brisbane, you are so beautiful and the perfect city to just wander around aimlessly. 


Saturday night had to result in going out and having a taste of the nightlife, and Sunday saw us head back to the same cafe for breakfast and to nurse the hangovers. All the time I spend with Libby, Sian & Laura is just my favourite – you are all so special and we had THE best weekend. 

To finish our day, we had a cinema date to see Baywatch, followed my copious amounts of Italian food and a gorgeous dinner at Jimmy’s. Perfect. Brisbane, I love ya. 

Brisbane to Auckland

This is where my plan changed a little bit.. I told my friends, my parents and my family that on the Monday morning I’d be flying from Brisbane back to Sydney and would go back to work the day after. I actually boarded an 8am flight from Australia to New Zealand..


As I write this, I am currently sat in my hostel bed, in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been here 2 days now and this city reminds me very much of London and for the first time since leaving, the sights really remind me of the UK. It’s a much different looking city to any in Australia, and shares the same freezing temperatures as England. I am coldddd. 


My original travelling plan had me book a flight to New Zealand for the last part of my trip, and another to Hong Kong and onto London. 

I’d thought about it for a long time, and on one cold winters day in Sydney, decided to rearrange my flights using my STA insurance and utilise them to make my way home

So that is what I am doing. 

I have just finished packing my backpack for the final time, passport at the ready and planning on getting an early night in preparation for my 12 hour flight tomorrow to Hong Kong. 


Auckland to Hong Kong

I am now writing this from Auckland International Airport, Gate 16, eagerly awaiting my flight to Hong Kong. I’ve had my McDonald’s breakfast, got a new book & plane snacks and so ready to get going.

Currently, I am looking out onto the tarmac, can see my Cathay Pacific plane, and a huge lake and mountain range in the distance. New Zealand, from what I’ve seen, is absolutely breathtaking. Fabulously blue skies and  lush greenery and I’m really looking forward to returning one day. Ideally, I’d like to spend 3 months exploring both islands, but may consider doing a working holiday visa and having a year here. 


Just come off my 12 hour flight from Auckland and sat in Hong Kong airport now – 1 flight down, 1 to go. Seriously trying to fight the tiredness and mentally prepare myself to get on a 13 hour flight in one hour’s time. 

Can’t wait to get off this next plane and be in LONDON!

Hong Kong to London Heathrow

4 days, 4 flights, barely any sleep, and a million time zones.

I am home, and I literally can’t believe it. 

In comparison to many other travellers I’ve met, I’ve been away for barely any time, but to me, 7 and a half months – it feels like forever. As cringe as it sounds, a tear even came to my eye as I walked through Heathrow. 

I am so excited and so ready for these 3 weeks at home, back to my own bed, not living out of a backpack for a while and reunited with all my family and friends. 

I can’t wait to see you..


Thank you for reading! 

Charlotte J. X 

2 thoughts on “Surprise..| Sydney, Australia to London Heathrow

  1. Welcome home. Glad you had a wonderful time. We are in Dubai at the moment but would love to see you soon.. love L& T xxx


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