Back to Backpacking – Photo Diary: Brisbane, Australia

So it’s back to backpacking for me – back to Australia, back to exploring, back to hostel life and back to make so many more memories. 

Even though I’ve only spent a total of 8 days there, I have completely fallen for Brisbane and it is now easily my second favourite Australian city, after Sydney. 

It has gorgeous weather, gorgeous views, a slow pace to life, good bars, great hostels and I have the most amazing memories from my two trips there. I honestly cannot wait to go back again and see more. 

I had the most incredible 3 weeks back in the UK and it was tough to say goodbye all over again and start to adjust back into a life that’s become normality for me. I love travelling, I love seeing the world, especially Australia, but there are lonely times and tough times and I’ve definitely had a fair share of teary phone calls with my mum and best friend. 

But Brisbane, you were the greatest. I flew into Melbourne from London – an extremely tough and long 23hr flight, and landed in arctic temperatures. 

I came back to Australia without much of a plan – I’m winging most of what I do and my plan changes ALL the time.. So my plan to spend 5 days in Melbourne before meeting friends, Tash & Luke, quickly changed to booking and catching a flight to Brisbane a day later, to be reunited with more friends from Sydney and spend 4 days there instead. 

I could spend days taking photos of Brisbane, and so I thought it right to share them… 

Brisbane – I really love ya! 





Thank you for reading! 

Charlotte J. X 

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