Exploring Phillip Island | Melbourne, Australia

I really was blown away by our road trip to Phillip Island – it was an unbelievable day.

I have a love/hate relationship with Melbourne.. maybe because I visited Sydney first and have ultimately spent way more time there, maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the hostels I’ve stayed in… I really can’t explain it. 

But something about Melbourne, to me, is just so, so different to every other Australian city I’ve visited. There’s a different look, a different feel, and for me, it took some getting used to. 

I returned to Melbourne from Brisbane, after spending 4 days in the Queensland heat, to the freezing winds and dark skies, but was pleasantly greeted and reunited with Luke & Tash, who I hadn’t seen for almost 6 months! 

We spent a week together in Victoria’s capital, and my favourite day by far, was our road trip to Phillip Island – about an hour and a half south of the city. 

We hired our car from Hertz, costing about $130 for the day, packed the car full of food and put our road map reading skills to the test.. 


Stops on our road trip:

San Remo

Small harbour town just before the bridge from the mainland onto Phillip Island. Stop here to see the pelicans (which are huge and dinosaur like), walking down the pier, stare out at the ocean and eat fish and chips. 


Cape Woolamai

The most picturesque coastal views. Absolutely deserted beaches, other than the occasional and madly talented surfers. The combination of open ocean, clear skies, perfect sand and greenery is just heavenly and I could’ve spent days on those beaches. 


Pyramid Rock

These views took my breath away. I am a real sucker for good views, and pyramid rock was simply beautiful. Simplistic, natural and presented a gorgeous side to Melbourne that I’d never seen before. It gave me the homely feeling that I get when I have epic views in front of me and my camera in my hand. 



Penguin Parade – Nature Park

This is what Phillip Island is famous for – its little penguins. Every day around 5/6pm, the little penguins (their actual biological name), make the journey from the ocean to their burrows, or little huts they have in the sand dunes. It is $25 a ticket, and we waited for an hour and a half in the freezing cold to see the penguins eventually appear, but it was so worth it. It was a really incredible experience. 




I want to continue to visit Melbourne – it is so highly regarded and I think the city has a lot to offer. But Sydney feels like my Australian home, and that’s where I’m returning. Hopefully I’ll have a new post soon on everything I’d recommend on doing in Melbs, as well as my newly formulated plan. 


Thank you for reading!

Charlotte J. X 


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